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2012 Outlook

Titan Sports Club Insurance thinks 2012 will be a very demanding time for UK sports and organisations, as they cope with a difficult financial environment both in terms of participants and spectators.

There is also the question of the UK becoming an increasingly litigious nation with people quick to resort to the law over injuries and health and safety issues. Titan believes that all clubs and associations have to ensure that they are fully protected by insurance throughout the year, especially given the risks that naturally come with playing sports of any kind.

Titan also believes that 2012, the year of the Olympics, will be a fantastic year for all those involved in sport and the true legacy of the games, should be higher participation rates and spectator levels.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Sports Club Insurance, said:
“The economic troubles loom over many sectors and sports managers and organisers are going to have to work doubly hard if they are to have a prosperous and successful year. Tightened belts means the pinch is felt by everyone. Club members question subscription rates and spectators also question the cost of watching their favourite sport. There is also that issue of ensuring that the insurance is in place to cope with claims and any court actions.

“On the upside, sport should enjoy a golden year as the Olympics are coming to town and that should provide a dividend for many years to come.”

Titan Sports Club Insurance is a leading UK broker within this specialist field.

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