Latent Defects Insurance (or also known as Warranty Insurance or Structural Warranty Insurance) is usually required by Property Developers, Finance Providers or New Build Contractors, amongst others, for both Commercial and Residential Properties.

In principle, an Insured can be anyone who has an interest in the property.

The policy covers Faulty Design, Workmanship or material problems or Defects for up to a period of 12 years of practical completion by repairing, replacing or strengthening the property.

Some advantages of Latent Defects Insurance:

  • Allows an easier sale of the property to Third Parties
  • No negligence needs to be proved – just the discovery of defect at the premises
  • Cover can be fully assigned thereby providing security to future owners/leaseholders

And if you’re a Building Contractor or involved in your own Self Build project Latent Defects is an area of cover you should not neglect as it may leave you financially exposed in the future if something goes wrong.

That’s the technical stuff over now….

This is what we can do for you:

  • It’s our job to simplify the whole process for you so you’re covered in the quickest possible time
  • We can cover Existing and Finished projects
  • With over 30 years experience in Latent Defects we know our way round to get you the best results
  • We can significantly improve your chances of getting Latent Defects cover!

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