If you own a property, any kind of property, it's your duty to look after it and cherish it.

Because your property is a valuable asset, you should fully protect it especially so if it generates income (or rent) for you. 

That's why we only offer Top Notch Superior Quality cover.

We do not provide skinny budget insurance that might leave you out of pocket!

We're here to fully protect you and to make sure that should you make a claim you are fully paid and 100% on time.

Here’s what you get and more:

  • Instant Quote & Cover in Minutes by Phone (Faster than Online)
  • Unoccupied Properties and problem cases can be covered are NO PROBLEM
  • "A" Rated De Fecto Best Buy Insurance for peace of mind
  • Flexible Easy Payment Options to suit you
  • Unlike others, we don’t charge you if you pay by Credit Card!

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More about Commercial Landlord Insurance

What is a commercial landlord insurance?

A commercial landlord’s insurance policy can provide insurance cover to landlords who let their property to businesses or commercial tenants such as offices or shops. These may also include semi residential properties where there is a flat or private dwelling within the property to be insured. Other than damage to the Building, policies can also insure the Landlord’s Contents, Loss of Rent and Legal Liabilities.

What does commercial landlord insurance cover?

Commercial landlord’s insurance will provide cover if their property is damaged due to an insured peril such as a storm, burst pipes or subsidence These policies can also be extended to include Loss of Rent, Landlord’s Contents and Terrorism if required.

If the property is self-managed can you still get insurance?

Of course. All commercial landlords including those that self-manage their property require insurance as they have responsibilities for its upkeep, to their tenant(s), to lenders and to Third Parties who may come to the property.

What happens if you don't have Public Liability Insurance?

If you don’t have Public Liability Insurance in place and you’re found legally liable for damage or injury, you would be responsible for paying any damages awarded by a court of law. This could result in you losing your business, your livelihood and in some extreme cases your own personal assets.

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