Getting Pub Insurance may sound simple, but it’s not always that easy.

Why?   Because Pubs are not the same as they once were.

Pubs are no longer just places you go for a pint and a packet of crisps – modern pubs often double up as Live Music Venues, Restaurants and family friendly places with kids playgrounds where parents can bring their children.

This brand of Pub is often viewed with caution by insurers. Many will not offer cover to venues that host Live Music or DJ’s, charge for entry, employ Door Security, or have Children’s Play.

Here’s some of the stuff we can do for you (and more)...

  • ALL Types of Pub covered
  • Full Liabilities included
  • Buildings & Contents of the Pub
  • Pubs with Late Licence and Door Security
  • Slips & Trips fully covered

Remember, not all Pub Insurance is the same, especially Online.

The wrong Pub Insurance could leave you uninsured and out of pocket.

You need to get it right first time – simply get in touch with one of our Team who will assist and guide you all the way...

More about Pub Insurance

Why do you need pub insurance?

Pub insurance is a necessity for owners of all types of pub to protect the assets of the pub and even loss of profit if it has to cease trading due to an insured peril eg., fire, flood. It will also cover Liabilities to third parties such as slips and trips of customers or injury to staff.

What is covered by a pub insurance?

The main areas of pub insurance includes cover for the Buildings, Fixtures Fittings & Contents, Legal Liabilities and Loss of Profit if the pub has to close for trading due to an insured peril. In addition, it will also provide cover should any stock be stolen or the pub damaged during a break in.

What types of insurance does a pub need?

There are many different types of pub insurance from the classic pub to the more exotic gastro pub. However, if pubs have live music, karaoke, children’s play areas or extended licensing hours then specialist pub insurance may be required to accommodate such activities. Seek advice.

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