It’s now a fact of life that when it comes to claims a lot of insurers look to decline first rather than pay the claim.

Economic reality has brought this to the fore and it’s becoming quite unpleasant.

The process insurers deploy (or the loss adjuster) is to look into the truthfulness of the general questions they have asked at the setting up stage of the policy either on the application form or the Statement of Fact that is produced electronically for the client.

So, for example below are some of the very important questions all insurers ask:

  1. Do you have any County Court Judgements (CCJ’s)
  2. Have you had any bankruptcies or liquidations
  3. Has any insurer cancelled your insurance or imposed special terms or refused to insure you

If you don’t answer truthfully to any of the above, the chances are your claim will be thrown out for ‘non disclosure’ – no questions asked nor explanations given. Sometimes not even an apology!

It’s that bad.

So what are you to do?

Very simply answer the questions truthfully.. don’t hide anything or be economical with the truth.

We can’t say any more than that.

Otherwise talk to us and we’ll guide you so you don’t find yourself with an insurance policy that doesn’t pay.

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