Back in 2009, in a Gastro Pub in London, a woman slipped and tripped over. This turned into a giant legal case and right now, this customer is suing the Pub Owners for a massive £4.2million!

What does this case mean for you as a Pub Owner?

This case shows that the most important thing for you is to protect yourself and your business.

Pub Insurance is as essential as clean drinks glasses. You need to be protected against potential incidents, real or otherwise. If you don’t, you could find yourself in the middle of a huge legal case and liable for vast sums of money.

Does your business have what it needs?

As a Pub Owner, you need Public Liability insurance. This gives your business protection if customers injure themselves at your pub.

However, you need to make sure you have the right insurance. Remember, gone are the days where every licensed venue was a traditional pub. Now we’ve got classic pubs, gastro pubs, pubs with live music, family pubs with play areas, restaurant pubs and more.

To make sure you’re fully covered you need to ensure you’ve got the right Public Liability Insurance. It’s not as simple as it sounds – miss something out and you could find your business is not properly insured.

Tell your insurer about the type of pub you’ve got and make sure you update them if something changes. This will protect you if anything happens. If you forget – this could bring you big problems if an incident such as the above occurs.

Make sure you’ve got enough Liability Cover. Most pub owners will have public liability insurance up to £2million. This sounds like a big figure when you’re taking out insurance, but do you really have enough with £2million coverage? Make sure you get the level your business needs.

Be cautious with what you buy – Be careful if you’re shopping Online for insurance or you could find yourself with a policy that doesn’t cover everything you need. Don’t always go for the cheapest option – you need to make sure it gives you all the coverage your business needs. Speak to an expert over the phone and they can give you personal 1-2-1 advice for your Pub. You must get it right first time.

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