Pub Landlords… Be aware

7th May 2021By Jason Titan InsurancePub Insurance

Tragically, a 7-year old boy died in a pub garden in 2018 after being electrified by faulty lights installed by an electrician where the presiding judge on the case said the pub was ‘a timebomb waiting to happen’. The electrician, who was employed by the landlord (who was also his brother-in-law), was convicted of failing … Read More

How to protect your Pub from insurance claims

22nd April 2020By adminPub Insurance

Running your own pub can be a very rewarding experience. It can also be very challenging. For a bar to be successful, it has to go way beyond keeping customers’ glasses full. You need to ensure that you’re well stocked, have a great atmosphere, are creating events to attract new and existing customers and have … Read More

Pub Insurance

Getting Pub Insurance may sound simple, but it’s not always that easy. Why?   Because Pubs are not the same as they once were. Pubs are no longer just places you go for a pint and a packet of crisps – modern pubs often double up as Live Music Venues, Restaurants and family friendly places with … Read More