Let’s start off with a quick definition of what Self Build Insurance is. Principally, if you’re building a new house from the ground up or even adding to it, such as an Extension, you would need to take out ‘Self Build Insurance’.

Renovations can also be included under Self Build.

And because it is a big undertaking that you’re doing yourself, it is important you are fully covered as there are many traps you could fall into when you build your own.

A standard house or property insurance policy does not cover you fully nor does a Contractor’s All Risks policy.

Here’s some of the stuff you would need Self Build Insurance to cover:

  • Site Insurance (or Contract Works) covers the risks associated with the building process from the ground up till project is finalised
  • Equipment & Plant covers machinery, equipment and tools (whether your own or hired in) for fire and theft
  • Public Liability covers you for injury or damage to third parties (eg., kids who may wonder on your site and injure themselves)
  • Employers Liability covers you for any injury to people you ‘employ’ whether directly or indirectly including subcontractors

Warranty Insurance can cover you for any faulty design or workmanship which may arise to a future buyer once you’ve sold on your property.

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