Tragically, a 7-year old boy died in a pub garden in 2018 after being electrified by faulty lights installed by an electrician where the presiding judge on the case said the pub was ‘a timebomb waiting to happen’.

The electrician, who was employed by the landlord (who was also his brother-in-law), was convicted of failing in his duty to protect people from death or injury.

The pub landlord was jailed for 9 years for gross negligent manslaughter.

No doubt the Pub Insurance policy will compensate the hapless family for the loss of their child but at what price ?

Could this tragedy have been prevented ?

Most likely… it’s always the landlord’s responsibility to choose qualified tradesmen to carry out any works or repairs at the premises and also to have Electrical Certificates valid and in force.

Pub Insurance mandates such requirements to prevent tragic accidents like this happening so it’s always important to heed health and safety protocols at all times.

Moreover, read and understand your pub insurance policy so you know what’s expected of you.  

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