How to protect your Pub from insurance claims

22nd April 2020By adminPub Insurance

Running your own pub can be a very rewarding experience. It can also be very challenging. For a bar to be successful, it has to go way beyond keeping customers’ glasses full. You need to ensure that you’re well stocked, have a great atmosphere, are creating events to attract new and existing customers and have … Read More

6 Ways To Avoid Costly Self-Build Mistakes

26th March 2020By adminSelf Build Insurance

A lot can go wrong with a self-build. Unexpected legal action, fire, flooding, theft of essential machinery, injury or sickness to workers, damage to other people’s property, poor workmanship, the list can go on and on. There are many things that you should be worried about because they can quickly turn your profit into a … Read More

Do I Need Professional Indemnity insurance?

20th March 2020By adminProfessional Indemnity Insurance

As a business owner, or self employed consultant, you will have heard about or been recommended to arrange professional indemnity insurance. Many businesses are often unsure of what it means and the protection it provides, or, mix it up with liability insurance. That’s why we’ve put together a simple guide to explain its purpose, how … Read More

10 Top Tips for insuring your Self-Build project

18th March 2020By adminSelf Build Insurance

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating a property, it’s a well-known fact that these projects can be hard work. They take planning, resources, time, money and commitment. Self-build projects often overrun. This can result in problems and accidents happening. One of the first things to do is to get your insurance sorted. Titan … Read More

Structural warranty insurance: 6 Important reasons why it builds a solid foundation

16th March 2020By adminLatent Defects Insurance

Structural warranty insurance, also called latent defects insurance, is significant for any property development. It builds a solid foundation for property developers, as well as owners and tenants. If damage does occur because of defects in the structure of a new building, structural warranty insurance covers the cost of repairing the damage. This could be poor … Read More

What not to do when buying Business Insurance…

2nd February 2018By adminCommercial Insurance

What not to do when buying Business Insurance… This is a story of what not to do when you buy Business Insurance…  in fact, this extends to any type of insurance including personal ones. A potential client came to us for an insurance quotation as his current insurance provider could not offer him the right … Read More