What not to do when buying Business Insurance…

2nd February 2018By adminCommercial Insurance

What not to do when buying Business Insurance… This is a story of what not to do when you buy Business Insurance…  in fact, this extends to any type of insurance including personal ones. A potential client came to us for an insurance quotation as his current insurance provider could not offer him the right … Read More

10 Top Tips for insuring your Self-Build project

20th March 2017By adminSelf Build Insurance

Are you building a new home or a property to sell on? Maybe you’re looking into building an extension or converting a property? It’s a well know fact that these projects can be hard work – they take planning, resources, time, money and commitment.  And because they can overrun, problems CAN come up and accidents … Read More

How to protect your Pub from insurance claims

7th December 2016By adminPub Insurance

Back in 2009, in a Gastro Pub in London, a woman slipped and tripped over. This turned into a giant legal case and right now, this customer is suing the Pub Owners for a massive £4.2million! What does this case mean for you as a Pub Owner? This case shows that the most important thing … Read More

6 Important Reasons why you should ALWAYS take out Structural Warranty Insurance

1st November 2016By adminLatent Defects Insurance

If you’re a property developer, you’ll surely have heard of ‘Structural Warranty Insurance’. When it comes to property development, it’s something you definitely should not forget. It’s an essential tick to make on your project ‘to-do’ list. Also called Latent Defects Insurance, Structural Warranty Insurance gives protection and peace of mind to property developers (as … Read More

Have you Exposed Yourself ?

20th May 2015By adminCommercial Insurance

Have you Exposed Yourself ? Sounds a bit rude but it’s not. A well respected Insurer, the Liverpool & Victoria Insurance, found in a recent survey that over 200,000 Small  Businesses (or 1 in 20 SME’s) in the United Kingdom have no insurance at all ! What happens if an employee of theirs gets injured … Read More