1) Your Home Insurer will not insure you

Don’t forget the obvious – your home insurance will not cover your Unoccupied Property. It is a completely different situation and one that requires specialist insurance.

If you make the mistake of thinking your home insurance will cover you, you will come unstuck if anything happens to your property.  Don’t give yourself the chance to find this out!

2) Unoccupied Buildings Insurance could cost more

You’ll probably find you are getting quotes that are more expensive than regular insurance. This is simply because there is a bigger risk to an empty property with nobody looking after it – like a burglary, fire or flood.

But, Titan Insurance’s prices are very similar to standard Home Insurance.  You need this insurance and we make it as cost effective for you as possible.

3) Most Unoccupied Buildings Insurance policies will give you reduced cover

Be aware that, generally, the cover you will get for your empty property will typically be much reduced from what you get with standard insurance.

But, if you need it, Titan Insurance can get you full cover for your Unoccupied Property.

4) You must visit the property

Unoccupied Buildings Insurance allows you to leave your property empty – in fact this is the main point of this cover.

But for the insurance to be valid, your insurer will demand regular visits.  Be aware – don’t forget to visit your empty property!  If you don’t and damage does occur, you could find your insurance invalid.

5) It’s easy to Switch your Insurance back to a standard policy

Once the property is occupied again, you’ll need to switch back to a standard Home or Property policy.

This is a simple admin job, but one that can easily be forgotten!  Make sure to give us a call when you’re ready.  Titan Insurance can convert your Unoccupied Insurance policy back to a standard policy with no extra charge.

Give us a call on 0207 731 3700 or drop an Email at: info@titan-insurance.com to ask us any questions.