Unoccupied Property Insurance

If your property is unoccupied, for any reason, we can probably insure it for you because we know most insurers shy away from covering empty properties. Because we’ve been doing this for a long time we know what’s involved so we’ve made the process of insuring your property Quicker, Easier and Cheaper! Here’s how and … Read More

Tailor-made Unoccupied Property Insurance

1st September 2011By adminUnoccupied Property Insurance

Article looks at reasons for needing this cover and outlines how it can be made flexible to suit customers’ needs. Many people aren’t aware of it until it’s too late, but standard property insurance policies usually state that cover will lapse if the property is left unoccupied for a certain length of time.  For residential … Read More

Don’t Let Delinquency Get you Down

27th July 2011By adminUnoccupied Property Insurance

This article discusses anti-social behaviour in Britain, the impact of this activity on British business persons, and in particular those who have unoccupied properties at present. So too discussed is the means to insure against the impacts of this activity. Many British Business Estates and Retail Zones have become virtual ghost estates in recent times, … Read More

Titan Unoccupied Property Insurance: Government Should Reconsider Empty Rates

4th February 2011By adminUnoccupied Property Insurance

A leading unoccupied property insurance broker is joining calls for the Government to reconsider the idea of empty rates on commercial properties, what’s become known as the ‘bomb site Britain’ tax. Titan Insurance, which is one of the UK’s largest players in the unoccupied property insurance sector, admits that the previous administration headed up by … Read More