Article looks at reasons for needing this cover and outlines how it can be made flexible to suit customers’ needs.

Many people aren’t aware of it until it’s too late, but standard property insurance policies usually state that cover will lapse if the property is left unoccupied for a certain length of time.  For residential properties this is about 28 days, and for commercial properties it can be as little as 7 days.  Regardless of the property type, it makes sense to be sure that yours are properly covered when unoccupied and Titan Insurance is able to make sure that is the case.

There are lots of good reasons for leaving a property empty for a significant period of time, ranging from sale to the owner working away to waiting for a new tenant.  Short of having a crystal ball though, many owners don’t know exactly how long the situation is going to last.   Fortunately, policies are flexible and can cover the full range, from short term policies (for example, between lets or while on an extended holiday) to the full twelve months.  If your situation changes you can often change policies too, either extending them to give you cover for a longer time or cancelling them altogether.

As well as offering flexible policies that cover residential or commercial properties for short or long term vacancies, Titan can tailor the policy to meet other requirements you might have.  There are almost endless variations on what property owners need cover for, with some being obvious and others not so obvious, so it’s important to think carefully before you commit and, if you aren’t sure, talk it through with an advisor.  For example, do you want to include cover for contents that are going to remain in place while the property is unused, or do you need to be covered?

Titan Insurance has a panel of brokers they can call on, which is a huge advantage in this very specialised insurance area.  It’s the reason they can provide a low price guarantee, as they are confident others will be struggle to offer better prices.  As well as being very competitive when it comes to providing a quote for unoccupied property insurance, Titan also offer a choice of flexible payment methods which are designed to suit you rather than them, and any cover can be put in place almost instantly.