Do I Need Professional Indemnity insurance?

20th March 2020By adminProfessional Indemnity Insurance

As a business owner, or self employed consultant, you will have heard about or been recommended to arrange professional indemnity insurance. Many businesses are often unsure of what it means and the protection it provides, or, mix it up with liability insurance. That’s why we’ve put together a simple guide to explain its purpose, how … Read More

Professional Indemnity & Design and Construct Insurance

A very simple fact of life for any Construction Professional or Professional firm: If you give advice in your capacity as an expert you may be sued for something you did, or did not do! Your professional reputation let alone your financial security is absolutely paramount. A design error or wrongful advice may cost you … Read More

Titan Professional Indemnity Insurance: Professionals Need More Protection Than Ever

19th April 2011By adminProfessional Indemnity Insurance

A leading professional indemnity insurance broker is warning its clients not to skimp on their cover. As times get increasingly difficult for consultants and professional advisers in today’s tough commercial environment, all costs are rightly scrutinised and put through the wringer as to their ultimate value. But Titan, which advises a large number of freelances … Read More

What Is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

21st March 2011By adminProfessional Indemnity Insurance

When you ask yourself, just what is professional indemnity insurance, think about the sort of scenario below. As the name implies, professional indemnity insurance is there to protect the professional – the insured – from any legal action that might be brought about through their actions. Now let’s say, for the purposes of this illustration, … Read More

Media Insurance for Those Working on Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

11th January 2011By adminProfessional Indemnity Insurance

It’s likely those currently working on the film project Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, will have the best media insurance going. The entertainment industry is made up of many self-employed freelance operators; right from the actor’s themselves, through to sound technicians, cameramen, and lighting and make-up experts. It’s one of the industries which rely on self-employed … Read More