As one of the largest media insurance brokers in the UK, Titan is seeing more on screen celebrities upping their cover after viewer complaints increase.

Titan points out that when it comes to media insurance, many television stars are actually freelances and have to arrange their own cover. They usually have a degree of cover from the broadcasters own media insurance policy, but this could be ‘exhausted’ by a major on screen gaffe.

Much depends on the people taking a court action and who they name in the case they bring. The broadcaster would be named, but in extreme circumstances, the presenter could be included in the action as well. Although television broadcasters have strict guidelines, they often cannot always control what’s being said by presenters, especially on live shows.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Business Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:
“When people take offence nowadays, it can quickly end up in the courts. The UK is a more litigious nation and people believe they have the right to get redress through the courts. We have all seen one famous motoring show that seemingly attracts weekly criticism regarding comments from its presenters. A number of actions are said to be have started after comments about nations and professions.

“Often individuals bring such actions to generate publicity for themselves, but the room for ‘freedom of expression’ for many presenters is becoming tighter and the risk of offence, and subsequent prosecution, is greater than ever.”

Titan is one of the UK’s most widely respected media insurance brokers and it handles cover for a major portfolio of individuals and companies.

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