Liability Insurance

Right here we can cover ALL your Liability Insurance requirements and with over 2,000 Business Trades to choose from we are sure we’ve got the right insurance for you at an Unbeatable Price. The basic components of Liability Insurance are: Public Liability Insurance: Covers you against claims from Third Parties for property damage or injury … Read More

Titan Liability Insurance: Learn Rolls Royce Lesson

16th February 2011By adminLiability Insurance

A leading liability insurance broker is advising companies to learn a good lesson from Rolls Royce. Titan Liability Insurance is advising its clients to take a close look at how the Derby jet engine manufacturer handled the incident which began last November when a Qantas A380 Airbus airliner was forced to make an emergency landing … Read More

Liability Insurance – Rolls Royce Take Hit

16th February 2011By adminLiability Insurance

When Rolls Royce declared the cost of the Qantas engine blast, no mention was made of how much the liability insurance policies will have to pay out, but this whole saga was a reminder of the importance of such cover. Liability insurance is there to help manufacturers and producers of goods mitigate against potential legal … Read More