Simple Liability Insurance is easy to buy and especially so online.

However, you need to be aware of a classic pitfall a lot of people fall into and get into trouble and not having their claim paid.

Online, in the trade description dropdown, if the exact trade does not exist most people might find an alternative similar to theirs. For example, a Roofer or Roofing Contractor might put himself down as a General Builder (because Roofer does not appear).

Big Mistake !

Why ?

Because a Roofer is regarded as High Risk by Insurers.

A Builder is not.

So, should a claim occur and the ‘error’ is discovered by the insurer, they will walk away and not pay the claim. Simple as that.

What will happen then is that the claimant or third party can come after you in the courts for compensation.

So please heed this advice and don’t get caught out.

We can source most types of Liability Insurance so you’re fully protected.

And many times cheaper than online.

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