What I’m going to describe below is a real life situation of what you should not do when you have bought your Liability Insurance.

You purchase your Liability Insurance policy and you think it’s all sorted…

But have you had a look at your insurance policy requirements?

If not, you could be in trouble.

The person in question bought his Liability Insurance policy but had not read any part of it and was therefore completely unaware of its conditions.

Most policies of this type incorporate Conditions and Warranties that are applicable and which the insured has to comply with.

This is an insurance fact of life.

So what happened next was that he caused a fire at his client’s premises whilst doing some remedial work for them.

When he notified his insurer of the incident and the loss adjuster investigated, it transpired that he had not adhered to a condition of his Liability Insurance policy and his claim was thrown out for ‘breach of policy condition’.

This person could now be financially exposed simply for not being aware of his insurance requirements.

Don’t let this happen to you!

ALWAYS be aware of your insurance policy’s terms and conditions.

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