Structural warranty insurance: 6 Important reasons why it builds a solid foundation

16th March 2020By adminLatent Defects Insurance

Structural warranty insurance, also called latent defects insurance, is significant for any property development. It builds a solid foundation for property developers, as well as owners and tenants. If damage does occur because of defects in the structure of a new building, structural warranty insurance covers the cost of repairing the damage. This could be poor … Read More

Latent Defects & Structural Warranty Insurance

Latent Defects Insurance (or also known as Building Warranty Insurance or Structural Warranty Insurance) is usually required by Property Developers, Finance Providers or New Build Contractors, amongst others, for both Commercial and Residential Properties. In principle, an Insured can be anyone who has an interest in the property. The policy covers Faulty Design, Workmanship or … Read More