Latent Defects Insurance

Latent Defects Insurance (or also known as Warranty Insurance or Structural Warranty Insurance) is usually required by Property Developers, Finance Providers or New Build Contractors, amongst others, for both Commercial and Residential Properties. In principle, an Insured can be anyone who has an interest in the property. The policy covers Faulty Design, Workmanship or material … Read More

6 Important Reasons why you should ALWAYS take out Structural Warranty Insurance

1st November 2016By adminLatent Defects Insurance

If you’re a property developer, you’ll surely have heard of ‘Structural Warranty Insurance’. When it comes to property development, it’s something you definitely should not forget. It’s an essential tick to make on your project ‘to-do’ list. Also called Latent Defects Insurance, Structural Warranty Insurance gives protection and peace of mind to property developers (as … Read More