Beware of insurers not bearing gifts

9th May 2013By adminBusiness Insurance

We all know times are tough in this economic climate. There isn’t a business sector that hasn’t been touched including insurance. Insurance you ask…? Why insurance?  “All insurance companies do is to take your premium and never pay up” is the classic line told by many. Partly true ? But now even more so…. Because … Read More

Calls for Action

29th June 2012By adminBusiness Insurance

Titan Construction Insurance is joining calls for the Government to take action and begin major building projects across the country. This will boost the economy, help save jobs, generate further employment and kick-start a flagging industrial sector says Titan. The construction sector has been one of the hardest hit during the downturn since 2008, but … Read More

Banking Sector – Is It Time for a Change?

29th June 2012By adminBusiness Insurance

Titan Business Insurance wonders that given the latest revelations about Barclays and its dealers who are alleged to have ‘rigged’ the Libor rate, which come on top of other allegations about how modern banks operate, means that it’s time for major changes to the system. The news that Barclays Bank, as well as other banks … Read More

Is the Government Stimulus Package Enough?

18th June 2012By adminBusiness Insurance

Titan Business Insurance applauds the latest stimulus package from the Government, but, along with many others, wonders if it is too little too late. The eurozone is beginning to crumble and we are now paying the price for apathetic European politicians who appear unable to take the big decisions needed to save the political union … Read More

Steady Future for Airline Manufacturers

12th June 2012By adminBusiness Insurance

Titan Engineers Insurance hopes that airline manufacturers, which have been comparatively unscathed during the current recessionary times, can remain viable despite many Western airlines struggling to make money. The view comes after Iata, the International Air Transport Association, announced that it had forecast losses in 2012 for European airlines at over £700 million. The airlines … Read More