Titan Construction Insurance believes that the Government has to make a final decision regarding a third runway, or adopt the idea of a new runway in the Thames Estuary, and end a period of indecision.

Titan believes that the latest reports that the Government is about to make a U-Turn over its early decision not to allow a third runway for Heathrow is not only damaging business confidence, but is also damaging the construction sector.

The Government has promised a number of large infrastructure projects which would stimulate a struggling construction sector, allowing companies to maintain viability and keep jobs in the UK.

This yo-yoing between a third runway and a completely new airport is harming sentiment towards the UK as a pace to do business warns Titan. The Government needs to make its mind up and start the project as quickly as it can; or, it has to put forward an alternative idea.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Construction Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:
Indecision is not a great quality when it comes to helping an industry survive and plan for the future. Although it is by no means an easy decision to make – third runway, or Boris Island – the Government has to grasp the moment and make that uncomfortable choice.

Heathrow is at capacity now and it will not be able to cope much longer. Once the recovery begins in earnest, Heathrow will be full and airlines will start looking elsewhere for a major international hub. This would be disastrous for Britain in all senses of the word.

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