Titan Construction Insurance hopes that the Government’s advisory board will stress the need for stimulus within the construction sector. Made up of some of the UK’s most senior business people, the advisors help the Government formulate policy over the year.

Titan understands that this body of influential advisors and opinion formers will try and get the Coalition ministers to talk about growth and recovery, rather than focus on austerity.

Titan has long held the belief that the construction sector needs a plan of stimulation and growth, and not more austerity. And it thinks that until the Coalition begins to fast track major infrastructure projects, the gloom will continue.

What’s needed is more spending on major infrastructure projects, but also spending on schools and other public sector projects. The Government has to find a way to get the sector working again.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Construction Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:
The sad thing is that the cuts have wreaked havoc upon a sector that cannot just stand still and wait it out. Valuable skills and people are lost, and until ministers realise that action is needed, we risk seeing a great economic driver for the country being put to rest.

Should the mood music genuinely turn from cuts to growth, the construction sector will be one of the first to benefit.

Titan Construction Insurance provides a quality service to construction firms throughout the country, believing that competitive pricing and high levels of customer service, is the key to developing long term relationships.