Titan Business Insurance believes that opinion is polarizing between austerity and growth, and that the subsequent indecision which now exists in Government circles, is leading to the worst of all worlds, stagnation and lethargy.

And Titan believes that the Government’s senior business advisors, who are meeting senior ministers this week at Number 10, have a very clear message for the Coalition: act now to generate growth, or leave the country in a vulnerable position.

Senior business leaders believe that austerity can go too far and if left unchecked, will bring the country to its knees, just as not checking spending could have had the same effect.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Business Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:
“If there is one obvious thing about the UK economy, it is that it is a huge super tanker whose course cannot easily be changed. Indeed, the Coalition braked hard when they gained power and the effects of that are only now being really felt. But, at that time, it was important to show the markets that that the country was determined to act responsibly. Now, it’s important to signal growth, as we are now talking maybe a year off, when austerity will have run its course.

“The Government has a tricky balancing act, but it now has to signal growth once again. Leave it too late and the supertanker will plough on into rough waters.”

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