News Release                                                                                              11th October, 2011

Titan Business Insurance is worried that unless European’s leaders are seen to act swiftly and decisively, the markets will see it as a sigh of weakness.

Titan Business Insurance, one of the biggest players in a sector which arranges a vast range of cover for UK companies, is concerned that Europe’s leaders need to show true grit and determination to solve the euro crisis.

Titan believes that until the money markets see the mainland politicians get a firm grip with the problem, sentiment will wander and bring down any hopes of a true recovery.

The situation is made worse by Europe trying to act as a single force, yet consists of over 20 countries each with their own views and agendas.

The saving of Dexia Bank by the French, Belgium and Luxembourg governments is a good sign of European intent, but it might also show that they are only prepared to act when a crisis is immediately upon them says Titan.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Business Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:

Coming up with a unified policy in order to cope with this latest crisis is a bit like herding cats and you have to feel a little sorry for the European leaders trying to make sense of a rapidly moving situation. But the overall criticism from the money markets about Europe’s politicos is that they are great at saying they will act, but then fail to put meat on the bones. Their statements of intent worry the money markets who see them as prevarication and a continuing smoke and mirrors act. We need a definitive stand, which can then be worked into reworking the crucial sentiment.

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