Titan Sports Club Insurance thinks that recent reports that the forthcoming Olympics is having no effect on sports participation is misplaced and argues that the full effect will not be felt until the games are underway and indeed, over.

Titan believes that it’s only when the games are actually taking place, when the true inspiration kicks in and it’s within the Olympics legacy that the real benefits of increased participation start to be observed.

People watching athletes in all manner of events, many new to them, will be inspired to give sport a go.

Nonetheless, says Titan, the Government cannot sit back and let this happen and should do all it can to encourage participation. Activity in sports will do the UK population a world of good, because it will reduce obesity and generally help the nation’s health.

A greater of level of sports activity will have a resounding impact upon the nation’s well being.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Sports Club Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:
I would think it highly likely that the full impact of the games will not start to kick in until they are about to get going. Up until this point, the UK media has been focusing on construction stories and ticketing problems. Once the athletes start to arrive and the excitement begins to rise, we will get positive news and that will act as the inspiration for many couch athletes to get out there and give it a go.

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