Titan Business Insurance believes that although sentiment is recovering within the minds of business owners and senior management, we remain at the cross roads between retraction and growth.

Titan Business Insurance thinks that the business climate is improving, gradually, but also believes that we are balanced between meaningful recovery and a period of stagnation.

Titan says that the biggest problem is trying to avoid a period in which things get no worse, but equally, get no better either.

And Titan calls on the Government to remain vigilant to the country falling into a state which Japan experienced after their own recession decades ago. Some stimulation and forward thinking is now required.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Business Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:
“Stagnation could be the greatest danger we currently face. The danger is that we get stuck in a kind of limbo land in which we see very little growth and no prospect of meaningful growth. Japan has suffered the same problem for many decades and we need to plan for putting the economy back into real growth mode.

“It has that horrible feeling at the moment that we remain on the edge of the abyss and we need to walk away from there and move on. And we believe that the Government can take the initiative here and do much to boost business not only for blue-chips, but also for the SMEs.”

Titan Business Insurance represents businesses, especially SMEs, throughout the UK. It has built its reputation on both competitive pricing and high standards of service.