Titan Construction Insurance is concerned that talk of big ideas which would boost the construction sector are all talk and no walk. Two of the biggest infra-structure projects on the cards look, realistically, unlikely to happen for at least ten years, which would be too late to help companies in this particular phase of the current financial crisis.

Titan points out that HS2, even with strong Government approval, is set to be discussed and fought over in the courts and planning sessions for at least ten years, and hopes to see the line end up in the north of England are 40 to 50 years away.

The other great project being discussed, says Titan, has been given the name of Boris Island and concerns the construction of a new international airport in the Thames Estuary. Few in the Government are yet actively talking about the project, yet environmentalists, some airlines and local residents are readying themselves for opposition.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Construction Insurance said:
“The Government could be between a rock and a hard place, because what we really need is a large number of small to medium sized construction projects, but as that would counter the austerity cuts, it’s the huge infrastructure projects which would not affect the funding balance. Yet, by their very nature, these are the projects which attract the most controversy and often get bogged down in the planning.”

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