Titan Business Insurance welcomes the High Street Fund which was created by the Mayor of London and large businesses to help riot affected companies.

A leading business insurance broker welcomes the efforts of a fund which was launched to help small businesses with the effects of the recent riots.

The fund was set up by the Mayor of London and can be accessed on a website with the url thehighstreetfund.co.uk. It is supported by a coalition of businesses including many of the high street banks. It sets out to help sole traders, or small companies who are struggling financially because of the riots and looters.

The fund – now worth around £4 million – pays out grants of up to £2,000 to those companies, and small operations, which are in most need. The criteria is based on organisations with less than ten employees who need money to keep trading and paying salaries.

The fund is organised into two tiers: one to provide immediate help, the other to provide help over a longer period.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Business Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:

“This is a great initiative, although ironically the pick-up has been initially low with only 20 companies applying for the grants. There has been some criticism that the fund was too slow in trying to help and that was the reason for the slow pick-up. But media interest in the fund is now being generated and it is hoped that more companies will come forward to claim the grant money.”

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