Titan Business Insurance welcomes the second round of quantitative easing, but worries that it’s more about boosting confidence, than having any major effect on the economy.

The Bank of England injected a further £75 billion into the economy in an attempt to have a beneficial effect on worsening conditions. The previous round of quantitative easing totalled £200 billion and was seen by many economists as helping sentiment at a crucial time.

QE is based on creating more money which effectively comes down to buying Government bonds, or other assets. It is not about printing more bank notes, but issuing deposits which should then, in theory, be used by the banks to add more money into the system. The effect of this should be to depress the current value, push up the value of those assets which are bought, which then should result in more investment and borrowing.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Business Insurance, Sebastian Tsapralis, said:

The real problem is the euro sovereign debt which hangs over all of us like the Sword of Damocles. So although we welcome QE2, is may well turn out to be more about sentiment, than having the more positive impact of QE1. And, unfortunately, many think that QR pushes up inflation, which could really hurt the economy in the long term.

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