Titan Business Insurance is concerned that the tacit support from the IMF of its handling of the UK economy will hide the fact that business is finding it too tough at the moment and needs relief.

The UK economy might be heading in the right direction in terms of its management says the International Monetary Fund, but one of the UK business insurance brokers is still worried that those at the coal face are saying something different.

Titan Business Insurance is one of the UK’s largest brokers who focus on the commercial market and the feedback it’s getting from its clients is a worry that central Government is not appreciating how hard it is to survive in a market which is near stagnation.

The fear is, believes Titan and its clients, that if the brakes are applied too hard and the austerity cuts begin to really bite, then the economy could stall and dive back into recession.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Business Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:
“The recent support for the UK Chancellor from the IMF did the Government a lot of good, but it might ironically make things harder for the business community just at a time when they were trying to persuade the politicians that the cuts might be too quick and too deep, and that recovery could be still born.

“Just days before the arrival of the IMF, UK economists had been voicing opinions that the austerity cuts were too draconian and threatened to throw the UK economy off course again. We have to remain vigilant and that should things take a tumble, the Government has the capacity to provide some relief from the onslaught. ”

Titan Business Insurance had a wide portfolio of clients which extend throughout the country.

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