This article discusses the media industry, concentrating on the news sector, and the increasing openness of news departments to libel, slanderand defamation actions.

The tension is high, the blood pressure is up, tentative hooks reign supreme amongst the editorial staff, as the press paper is tossed from the courier vans, and into the porches of newsagents. Media insurance cant cover you for blood pressure tablets however. Media insurance cant cover you for dealing with the irate individual, and media insurance will be of little assistance to you with finding the words to make amends in the phone conversation that comes with troublesome words that make it to print.

However media insurance can set the mind at ease, media insurance can untie your hands to print valuable information . Even innocuous news pieces like sports bring trouble to news providers. Words can be misinterpreted and “alleged” at nausea still leaves seeds of doubt for newshounds. Most issues of info misprint, small inaccuracies etc can be covered with retraction. The word retraction causes recoil, no self respecting journo wants to hear it or make a habit of it, but no matter how fool proof the editorial process, subbie headline control, or the editor taking full responsibility over every inch of newsprint, errors creep in, error free issues are rare and a media insurance provider who knows your game intimately is needed. That provider is Laws of libel for print or web copy, laws of slander and defamation sees eager work lacking solicitors scanning every word of your paper, listening to every audio sentence, watchful eye on the TV news and computer screen. They seek potential misconstruing, looking for a reason to drum up a bit of business and shut you down in the process.

Media insurance is there to help if a hit has to be taken, even if the Journalist has maintained a thorough compiling of interview transcripts, even if the right of reply has been given, any court action, even a whiff of it may need you to rely on media insurance to fight the battle. No win no fee, if they want to play feel you have the backing to play, when you are right you can now afford to be right and fight for what is right in what you write with the backing of media insurance. Media insurance is no excuse for ignorance or have heated editing, media insurance can never take all the stress out of the review of yesterday’s product, and media insurance can not provide coverage in circumstance of blatant disregard for your responsibilities as a news provider.

But media insurance will allow you to fight your battles when you know you can win, media insurance will allow you stay in place, keep on going to battle another day, keep the advertising sales team pumping on new clients and the genius minds of your editorial team coming up with new ways to dazzle your readers, and deliver news that bites.