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We all know that no Business is alike and neither are their insurance requirements so what you’ll get from us is top notch insurance cover and exceptional prices you won’t find on any other website. And just as importantly, we can have you up and running with Full Cover in Minutes ! We cover ALL … Read More

Have you Exposed Yourself ?

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Have you Exposed Yourself ? Sounds a bit rude but it’s not. A well respected Insurer, the Liverpool & Victoria Insurance, found in a recent survey that over 200,000 Small  Businesses (or 1 in 20 SME’s) in the United Kingdom have no insurance at all ! What happens if an employee of theirs gets injured … Read More

7 Deadly Sins in Insurance

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7 Deadly Sins in Insurance If you heed these you’ll avoid costly financial disasters and have a worry free insurance life… First and foremost don’t lie, conceal, misconstrue or misrepresent anything you are asked in the form filling or information providing process when you are taking out insurance. It is a cardinal sin and could … Read More

Strong Future for Warehouses

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Titan Warehouse Insurance believes that the humble warehouse has a great future, but owners should be aware that they have all the correct policies in place. Warehouse insurance is now a sophisticated field says Titan and includes a huge number of sectors right from logistical centres, to buildings used for cloud based internet systems. It … Read More

Engineering Still Going Strong

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Titan Engineers Insurance believes that the recent results from Jaguar Land Rover prove that engineering within the UK is still going strong. Land Rover, which is now owned by the Tata Motors Group in India, has just announced a 34% rise on profits for the 2011 to 2012 financial year. Profits came out at £1.5 … Read More