Titan Business Insurance is concerned that a recent survey shows that one in three of the UK’s largest companies believe that the Government, formed from the Tory and Liberal parties into a Coalition, is not business friendly.

What’s more says Titan Business Insurance, only 13% of companies say that the Coalition is favourable to business.

Titan believes that if the UK’s biggest companies are saying this, then it’s likely that a large number of SMEs are voicing the same opinions.

The survey was conducted by FT/ICSA Business Bellwether and was conducted within the FTSE 350 index (the country’s largest 350 companies by market capitalisation).

The main problem understands Titan, is that many of the companies questioned felt they were on the wrong end of a raft of regulations which cover everything from employment conditions and tax, right through to social policy and pensions. They also felt that the major parties were demonising business, especially the big players.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Business Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:
“The sentiment being expressed in the latest survey is reflected throughout much of the business community, especially a large number of SMEs. This is indeed ironic, given the fact that the Government expects the recovery to be business led. They expect private sector companies to lead the way in bringing down unemployment as the recovery begins. So it’s very odd that we have this perception that the Coalition is anti-business. ”

Titan Business Insurance is one of the largest players in the sector and has built its reputation on competitive pricing and high levels of customer service.