Titan Business Insurance believes that many SMEs just don’t understand the full implications of what the eurozone means for their business.

When talking to their clients, Titan Business Insurance says it becomes clear that many smaller to medium sized companies are struggling with the very concept of the latest eurozone crisis and are confused as to just what it means for them.

This comes at the same time, says Titan, as anecdotal feedback which suggests that individuals reading and watching media reports are also unsure about the implications of a meltdown of the eurozone. And what’s more, they don’t necessarily want to understand the theory behind it, but want to be told how it affects them.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Business Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:
The man on the street, as well as business people in general, don’t appear to be getting the information they need from the media. Not only do they find it hard to grasp the basics, and then digest ongoing developments, but they then find it hard to estimate what it might mean for them personally, or commercially.

And it would appear that the problem lies with the media and many of the journalists who also don’t know the full mechanics of the eurozone, or what would happen if it collapses. Too many journalists and commentators are quick to sensationalise the news, without properly explaining the details, maybe because they lack knowledge themselves, or because their newspapers prefer the doomsayers approach.

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