Companies should take heed of the latest round of potentially damaging litigation as top brand Interflora takes a swipe at high street giant Marks and Spencer, reinforcing the case for having comprehensive business insurance cover.

Titan Insurance, which handles business insurance for companies across a whole range of sectors and industries, believes that the corporate world is far more litigious than ever and that all companies, no matter their size, should ensure they have cover to cope with a legal claim.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Insurance, said:
“The UK courts are increasingly seen as a way of resolving disputes that almost haven’t had time to develop. Whereas years ago companies would usually seek to negotiate and only involve legal processes as a last resort, now it appears that legal teams are brought in very quickly.

“In that respect, the UK system is emulating the US, where corporate lawyers often sit on the Boards of even small companies to ensure that they take full advantage of any potential trip to court.

“But as anyone fighting a case in court fully knows, it’s not only the horrendous costs that are involved, it’s the huge amount of man-hours spent on preparing and fighting the case.”

Interflora has started a European legal challenge against Marks and Spencer, citing the high street store’s strategy of what they allege is piggy-backing on Google searches for their named website. Marks and Spencer paid Google to make their website appear below Interflora in the search engine’s section which contains the sponsored links.

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