Most sports and social clubs organise festive events over Christmas. Whether it’s a party for the kids or a late-night knees-up for the grownups, it’s a good opportunity to get members together for a social event and for everyone to show their appreciation to the club. With so much to organise, sports club insurance probably won’t be at the top of the list, if it has made it onto the list at all. However, it’s vital that you have adequate cover, if you are going to have a club full of revelers.

If you don’t think you have time to look into your level of insurance cover, ask yourself if you have the time and money to work on your defence case, should you get sued in a public liability case. Whilst no one wants to have thought of the worst case scenario, accidents do happen, and they are more likely to happen if your clubhouse is full and people have been drinking. A simple fall could lead to serious injury and if you don’t have the right insurance policy to cover public attendance then you’ll be the one having sleepless nights. It only takes a quick phone call to your insurance provider to talk through your current policy and to check that you have sufficient cover for any events that are taking place over Christmas.

A specialist provider will be able to quickly tell you what cover you require for your sports or social club insurance policy and you can usually buy policies over the phone, with immediate effect. It seems absurd that anyone would fail to check out whether their club was insured but it happens regularly for a number of reasons, ranging from time, forgetfulness or lack of funds in the kitty. If you don’t have public liability insurance then you shouldn’t be open to the public but a Christmas party might just be the perfect prompt to check out your current cover and to make sure that all the club details and its insurance policies are up to date.

When people come to your club they are placing their trust in you to provide a safe environment in which they can socialise. If you have failed to do this and you aren’t providing a suitably safe environment, then accidents are more likely to result in legal action. The running of a sports or social club comes with a huge amount of responsibility but a certain amount of this can be relieved by quality insurance cover. It eliminates a lot of the risk that surrounds events that are beyond your control. But, in order for it to be valid, you need to ensure you keep a regular check on your policies, what they cover and when they are due for renewal. An out of date or obsolete policy won’t be much good in the event of an accident. Failure to keep on top of your admin could lead to the worst case scenario – the closure of your club.