Under the article ‘Better take care before you compare’ The Sunday Times (28 May 2010) says “it can be cheaper buying insurance over the phone than using a comparison site.”

Comparison sites have their uses in buying insurance but they are rigid and do not allow the human factor to influence the price you pay.

The concept of comparison sites works on the basis that you choose the options or ‘tick the boxes’ that are available to you but it does not cater for any grey areas or variables outside these parameters nor do they have the flexibility of the personal contact aspect which can be important in the insurance purchase.

That’s why we say it’s best to get in touch with us because firstly you tell us about your business so we make sure you are fully covered and secondly, we give you all the discounts you deserve and are entitled to.

The end result is peace of mind and cheaper insurance for you !

If there’s any aspect of your insurance you’d like to discuss without any obligation please call us on 0207 731 3700.