Titan Business Insurance is pleased to hear the mood music coming from the Bank of England has changed and that there are now some upbeat notes and not just funereal sombre tones, but still worries that SMEs will not feel the benefit quickly enough and that this will stifle any sense of a recovery.

Titan Business Insurance believes that the austerity cuts, lower bank lending and increasing unemployment, will mean that SMEs are still on the breadline and unless the Government can reduce the pressure over the coming months, many will not see the recovery, or be able to generate real growth in order to drive a recovery.

Titan thinks that it’s the SMEs that should be in the vanguard of the recovery, creating jobs and wealth, and not held back by crippled controls. If SMEs cannot generate growth, then the recovery will be delayed.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Business Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:
“We have a slight easing on the macro front, but in terms of the micro economic picture, at the coal face so to speak, it is still in a dire situation and if the smaller companies cannot make it through this deep downturn, then the recovery which we all need, could become stillborn. Things remain finely balanced at the moment and the Government needs to steer a good course between austerity and strangulation.”

Titan Business Insurance has clients based throughout the UK and specialises in the SME market. The company offers hugely competitive prices and high levels of customer service.