Titan Warehouse Insurance is warning all warehouses to check that their insurance is up to date and covers all the necessary risks.

Titan Warehouse Insurance says that a number of warehouse fires and incidents have occurred recently which further demonstrate the vulnerability of warehouses to naturally occurring problems and also ones based on criminal intent, or wanton damage. Warehouses are particularly prone to arson attacks and owners should ensure that they have the correct policies in place.

Titan says that a recent fire at a Gloucestershire warehouse which caused 100 residents from over 30 nearby properties to be evacuated, illustrates perfectly the fate of many such buildings. What’s more, a fire chief said of the fire that had there been a fully functioning water sprinkler system in the property, it’s unlikely the damage would have been so great.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Warehouse Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:
“Warehouses are vulnerable buildings, not least because many are unoccupied by staff and are there to provide a storage facility only. This makes them vulnerable to both naturally occurring accident, or vandalism, or arson.

“We recommend to all our clients that they regularly check their policies to see that all contingencies are covered and that the value of the material inside is continually assessed. This gives owners confidence that should there be a fire, or an attack of arson, that they are covered to the proper levels.”

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