News Release 12th July, 2011

Client’s of Titan Business Insurance are reporting back that although the UK economic recovery may well have started, the pace of growth appears to have stalled.

Clients of one of the UK’s largest business insurance brokers remain very concerned that the economic recovery remains unstable and the that mixed messages from across Europe and the US are making everyone nervous.

Titan Business Insurance, which daily communicates with its many SME clients across the country on insurance and general matters, is hearing the feedback that things remain very tough and that although the signs of recovery are definitely there, the speed is the worry.

Recently there were poor service sector figures from The Office for National Statistics and the fear over the number of public sector redundancies remains a constant threat.

In the bigger picture, it’s become obvious that the US economy has slowed, with worries about the viability of its recovery, and Europe’s problems continue to prey on the minds of governments, banks and regulators. Only Germany appears to be showing signs of positive growth.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Business Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:
We may be over the worse, and still bouncing along the bottom, but for SMEs throughout the UK this is still proving a tricky time as prospects for meaningful progress look a little doubtful. The cry seems to be for some form of stimulation to really kick-start the recovery. We remain finely balanced between growth out of the gloom, or stagnation and a genuine fear of sliding back into recession.

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