Following the recent civil unrest in the UK if you have sufferred any damage to your business you should have by now reported it to your Broker or Insurance Provider.

Most Business Insurance policies would cover the physical damage caused ie., fire, theft, malicious damage under the perils of Riot and Civil Commotion plus any interruption to business trading (assuming you have Business Interruption Insurance). You must, however, check you policy document to make sure you are fully covered and adhere to its claims protocols. Even if you are not insured, you may still be able to claim against the Police for which you have 42 days to do so.

All insurers have set up special Claims Teams to handle the large volume of incidences but with any possible large claim we recommend you appoint your own Loss Assessor to assist you in this matter.

Some urgent actions to take in the event of making your claim:

1. Report any claim to your Broker nor Insurance Provider within 7 days of the incident

2. Report the incident to your Local Police and obtain a Crime Reference number

3. Acquaint yourself fully with your Business Insurance policy to know what you can claim for (seek advice if not sure)

4. Possibly notify your landlord if you have a lease and if damage has been caused to the property

5. Start preparation of quantifying your claim by evaluating what you intend to claim for and getting the necessary paperwork in order to substantiate the value/cost.

We are all here to assist you in this difficult time so if you require any assistance please call our Office on 0207 731 3700.