Titan Warehouse Insurance believes that the internet boom has led to the continuing rise of the warehouse and insurance policies are having to change to cope with the complexity of their use.

Titan believes that as the internet replaces the high street as the place to shop, the warehouse will be the new feature of the British commercial landscape. As Titan points out, warehouses these days are huge logistical centres which are complex mini towns, controlling goods in and goods out with computerized precision.

This has created a new challenge for the warehouse insurance sector which is being continually asked for complex levels of cover.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Warehouse Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:
“To call such places warehouses is almost a derogatory term these days. Anyone driving along the major roads in the UK will have seen the rise of buildings which are major logistical centres which keep the country fed, clothed and supplied with all manner of retail goods.

“The big supermarket chains began the process by creating distribution centres as key parts of the UK. These are then used to funnel all goods. And where the supermarkets started, now the large internet firms are keeping up the pace, requiring warehouses to be sophisticated logistical centres which fulfill their customer’s requirements.

“As internet shopping continues to expand, so will the need for large warehouses which can provide the fulfillment needs.”

Titan Warehouse Insurance provides simple and complex cover for all warehouses and believes it offers the most competitive prices, alongside high levels of customer service.