Titan Warehouse Insurance believes that the warehouse market is continuing to grow and much of the growth is being driven by internet ecommerce companies which have swapped high street stores for storage and processing warehouses which have to cater for thousands of lines of stock.

Many of the large ecommerce operations, such as Amazon and ASOS, and thousands more, use the UK warehousing facilities as bases for goods coming in from suppliers and the very same goods being dispatched to customers.

Titan believes that the demand for large warehouses will continue to grow as internet companies expand and more enter the market.

Furthermore, ecommerce expansion will be added to by companies looking for warehousing and distribution centres in strategic parts of the UK.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Warehouse Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:
“Within the recent financial results of Amazon the management stressed the need for important warehousing facilities and how they were continually looking for refinements of existing facilities and new areas to expand.

“A modern warehouse is no longer a draughty place to rack up stock and close the doors. Modern warehouses house complex logistical operations which are vital to a company’s success. And even though ecommerce companies have done away with the need for physical shops in the high street, the need for large covered spaces and offices in the right geographical locations are paramount.”

Titan Warehouse Insurance is one of the biggest players in the market and has a portfolio of clients which stretch up and down the UK.