Titan Social Club Insurance believes that organisations need to stay alert to changing needs and requirements from their users in order to stay ahead of the times and prosper.

With tough economic conditions and pressure on memberships, social clubs need to pull out all the stops in order to make their core proposition attractive to as many people as possible says Titan.

Social clubs have it all to do to remain attractive to as many members as possible says Titan and that means offering as many advantages to belonging as possible.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Social Club Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:
Every club which has a membership, or relies on foot traffic through the door, has to work hard to keep people interested and coming along. And the committee has to work hard to keep the core concept behind the club ticking along and attractive. That means more ingenious ways to both maintain interest with existing members and attract new ones.

The successful clubs we come across are great at finding out new ways to keep their user base interested and the more work that goes into maintaining core interest and added value, the better. Social clubs almost need to continually re-invent themselves and ensure that they have a strong following and loyalty.

Titan Social Club Insurance represents many clubs and organisations throughout the UK and offers its clients some of the most competitive pricing structures, together with high levels of customer service. It is a leading advisor in the sector.