Devastating floods have hit the UK over the last couple of months and it is thought that insurance claims could run into hundreds of millions of pounds.

If you’ve been affected by the floods insurance is probably the last thing on your mind right now especially if you’re still trying to run your Business.

Unless your policy excludes flood most damage can be claimed for under your Business Insurance policy.

Here are some helpful hints if you’re intending to make a claim:

  1. Firstly, make sure your policy is still active and has not lapsed
  2. Check that there are no Exclusions which may affect the validity of your claim
  3. If your Business cannot trade because of the floods check that you have Business Interruption cover which could reimburse you for loss of income (to the Business)
  4. Take pictures of damaged property or property you intend to claim for
  5. Where possible try to mitigate any further loss or damage to your Business
  6. Obviously get in touch with your insurance provider or broker as soon as possible so they are in a position to assist you swiftly
  7. Start collating invoices, receipts and other documentation to support your claim. The more this type of information is available to the Insurer/Loss Adjuster the quicker your settlement will be

The whole country sympathises with those that have been flooded recently and we in the insurance industry will do all we can to assist and alleviate their suffering.