Have you Exposed Yourself ?

Sounds a bit rude but it’s not.

A well respected Insurer, the Liverpool & Victoria Insurance, found in a recent survey that over 200,000 Small  Businesses (or 1 in 20 SME’s) in the United Kingdom have no insurance at all !

What happens if an employee of theirs gets injured at work or someone has a ‘Slip & Trip’ on their premises..?   Guess what ?

Without insurance cover they’ll be exposed big time !

They’ll be exposed not only to possibly losing thousands of £££’s but also could end up financially ruining themselves and their Business.

Here’s an example: A Restaurateur client of ours asked one of his staff to put up Christmas decorations. Unfortunately, that member of staff fell off the ladder and broke his shoulder badly. He took his Employer to Court (citing negligence of his Employer) and won damages for lost income of £45,000. What do you think would have happened if there was no insurance in place ?

So, don’t expose yourself.

Our Advice:  Cover Up and Quick !

That’s the insurance stuff over.

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