A philosophical question ?


In general terms, the food industry, to keep prices lower and lower for the consume (and especially in these tough economic times) has no choice other than to utilise cheaper by-products which goes to make up the end product for the consumer. So, instead of having a beef burger consisting of 100% beef (which is going to be expensive) they reduce the beef content and make up the balance with other stuff… hence the horsemeat plus delightful bits and pieces from pigs etc etc etc

So now what’s the link with insurance ? Well, for insurance companies to offer cheaper and cheaper insurance (following the desire by the consumer to get the cheapest deal) they have no alternative but to cut or reduce cover to the consumer giving them low cost budget insurance ie., link with third rate hamburgerwhich could leave them with a belly ache!

In effect, the insurance industry has to give you inferior and reduced cover to keep their prices low.

It’s really that simple and hence the link between hamburgers and insurance. Don’t forget it’s your decision at the end of the day…

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