How CCJ’s cast a dark shadow on your insurance protection…

24th July 2023By Jason Titan InsuranceCommercial Insurance, Construction Insurance, Contractors All Risks Insurance, Contractors Insurance, Self Build Insurance, Titan Insurance Home Page

Not many business insurance buyers are aware that CCJ’s (County Court Judgements) can adversely affect your insurance. We often hear ‘what have CCJ’s to do with insurance ? To see why, let’s start from the beginning. When an insurance policy is taken out, one of the standard questions the insurer asks is whether the company, … Read More

Why your Buildings insurance might not pay you in the event of a claim ?  It’s underinsurance silly…  so don’t be silly !

10th October 2022By Jason Titan InsuranceSelf Build Insurance, Titan Insurance Home Page

We all know prices are rising for everything… food, energy, travel, entertainment and of course construction costs. Building materials have risen sharply (and if you can find them) as well as labour costs (question: how quickly can you get a tradesman to come round and fix something?) But of what importance are increasing construction costs … Read More

Titan gives insurance a human touch

30th July 2020By Jason Titan InsuranceTitan Insurance Home Page

There are many insurance companies out there who hide behind ‘get out’ clauses to avoid paying claims. Whether it’s latent defects insurance, construction insurance or home contents insurance, they will find a clause or reason for their decision. However, once in a while, there is a heart-warming story that’ll restore your faith in insurance companies. … Read More

Is Titan Insurance as brilliant as the mighty Hiscox ?

23rd March 2018By Jason Titan InsuranceTitan Insurance Home Page

A well known and respected insurance company, Hiscox Insurance, recently said this in one of its advertisements: “Helpfully we provide you with a dedicated, named claims handler wherever possible as standard.” Generally speaking, that’s excellent service… However, Titan Insurance has been doing this for over 30 years… and not just ‘wherever possible’ but at ALL … Read More

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