There are many insurance companies out there who hide behind ‘get out’ clauses to avoid paying claims. Whether it’s latent defects insurance, construction insurance or home contents insurance, they will find a clause or reason for their decision.

However, once in a while, there is a heart-warming story that’ll restore your faith in insurance companies. Take our client, an elderly gentleman. He’s had a home insurance contents policy with us, at Titan, for many years. He has always been a model customer and paid his premiums on time.

burst pipe inside home - latent defects

Last winter he had an escape of water from a pipe in his bathroom. It flooded the ground floor of his house. As was asked by his Insurer, he obtained 3 estimates for the repair work which he passed to them. The cheapest quote was in the region of £2,000. The insurance company said it was too high and offered a settlement of £1,500, a figure from which they would not budge.

The distraught customer, being 83 years old, could not find anyone else to offer another estimate and his pension could not cover the difference. On hearing this, we were upset for him. We knew we had to do something to help him resolve the matter.

Gentleman signing insurance paper

We made various attempts with the Claims Department of the insurance company, but they stuck to their guns. In the end, our Director wrote a personal letter to the insurer’s Chief Claims Officer. He asked him to reconsider in view of the loyalty the customer had shown in the past and to meet him halfway.

Within a reasonable period of time, the insurer agreed to settle the full £2,000. A cheque was sent forthwith to the delighted client.

In life, we all need to do the right thing and show our human face in a faceless world where the computer rules. To the insurer in question, Zurich, we praise them for their actions.

In life, as in insurance, sometimes it’s also who you know that helps.

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