Here’s what you don’t know about Underinsurance that could cost you Money

6th October 2022By Jason Titan InsuranceBuilding Contractors Insurance, Construction Insurance, Contractors Insurance, Landlord Commercial Building Insurance, Landords Insurance, Renovation Insurance, Self Build Insurance, Unoccupied Property Insurance

Whether you are a Self-Builder, a Property Developer, a Property Owner or a Contractor, the rapidly rising price of building materials will have an effect on everyone. The figure you have noted down one or two years ago, even 6 months may no longer be suitable for the current environment. Construction materials cost increases have … Read More

3 Simple Tips to Remember when Buying Commercial Property Insurance

7th July 2020By Jason Titan InsuranceLandlord Commercial Building Insurance

Finding a commercial property that meets your criteria means there are several critical factors that you will need to take into consideration. Property type, investment return, location, size, the property’s permitted usage, costs, condition of the property as well as the energy efficiency of the building. Over and above all of this, is another important … Read More

Landlord Commercial Building Insurance

If you own a property, any kind of property, it’s your duty to look after it and cherish it. Because your property is a valuable asset, you should fully protect it especially so if it generates income (or rent) for you.  That’s why we only offer Top Notch Superior Quality cover. We do not provide … Read More

Housing Market Stable

12th June 2012By adminLandlord Commercial Building Insurance

Titan Construction Insurance is calling upon the UK Government to begin a concerted house building programme to help kick start the construction sector. With new build figures at their lowest for decades, Titan Construction Insurance believes that only a major boost to house building will be enough to save an industry which has suffered more … Read More

Being a Landlord is No Fairytale

29th June 2011By adminLandlord Commercial Building Insurance

This article discusses the attitude of society towards the landlord, how whilst much of the attitude is borne out of jealousy, some landlords make cost savings in ill-advised areas, such as failing to put adequate precautions in place. Penny pinching landlords are not only irked in fairytales. The landlord can be a maligned figure, and … Read More

Take the Headache out of worrying about potential woes in your warehouse

16th June 2011By adminLandlord Commercial Building Insurance

This article discusses the warehouse environment the pitfalls that can occur within and the means of insuring against their occurrence with the acquisition of warehouse insurance. Incorrect stacking, slips and trips, loader mishaps, employee misbehaviour, clients on site, workers comp, ahh, words to give the warehouse manager a headache, a warehouse manager in definite need … Read More