Landlord Commercial Building Insurance

You may think that insuring commercial property is easy and straightforward but it’s not that simple. Where there are Banks, Tenants, Leaseholders and other Parties involved it gets complicated and you need to make sure you’re not exposed or liable in any way. It’s no secret that buying it Online could leave you with gaps … Read More

Housing Market Stable

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Titan Construction Insurance is calling upon the UK Government to begin a concerted house building programme to help kick start the construction sector. With new build figures at their lowest for decades, Titan Construction Insurance believes that only a major boost to house building will be enough to save an industry which has suffered more … Read More

Take the Headache out of worrying about potential woes in your warehouse

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This article discusses the warehouse environment the pitfalls that can occur within and the means of insuring against their occurance with the acquisition of warehouse insurance. Incorect stacking, slips and trips, loader mishaps, employee misbehaviour, clients on site, workers comp, ahh, words to give the warehouse manager a headache, a warehouse manager in definite need … Read More